Image 9. The ruin on the land to be remade using pise and rock.
A Bad Day.....

August 2013 The Misadventures of Flynn Ryder.

May 8, 2014 by FarmFinn 2 Comments

Flynn takes it easy

Another hard days work for Mr Flynn Rider….that’s Ms actually!

Just before we came up here to drop the stuff off and Finn went to holiday on the Med, he found a flea infested puppy in a rubbish pile in one of our neighbouring streets in Fez. Of course he brought it home…all flea bitten as it was ..and of course it became his new best mate…though not one that was toilet trained…but he was such a cutie.

Now I say he, because that’s what the vet said he was…but a little closer inspection showed that he was in fact a she..maybe we need to call her Holly instead…doo, doo, doo

And what does that say about 5 years at veterinary school does for you!

Anyway when Finn and Bex left for the UK, Flynn was left with Daddy…of course and thus had to come up with me to Xaouen.

The campsite at Xaouen

The campsite at Xaouen

Normally I bush camp when going to Loubar, using the tent on the top of the car, but it being Ramadan and bloody hot, I decided I would stay at the Xaouen Camp site where I could have a comfortable shit and a shower whenever I needed to and connect my fridge to their elecs, which meant V cold water…whenever I could….it is Ramadan!!!

Presents from Flynn

Presents from Flynn

And so Flynn and I got to hang together. I’d meet her every puppy needs, along with that of a little puppy friend she made whilst we were staying there and she’d bring me presents in the morning…it was a beautiful relationship.

Not a happy puppy!

Not a happy puppy…Flynn feels the effects of poisoning


But then one morning I fed her and her mate and off they went only later for Flynn to come back moaning and falling all over the place.

I looked at her, she seemed to look fine but clearly wasn’t and then within an hour her eyes had protruded, her anus had exploded, her under side and her tongue had turned black and she was dying in front of me.

I asked the camp site owners who thought she’d been bitten by a snake and rushed off to find the local vet.

For days it was touch and go. She received a counter poison injection and I gave her a series of anti biotic jabs and literally had to keep pouring water down her throat to make her drink…finally about a week later she seemed a little better, tho’ her eyes only returned to normal after about a further week….we never saw her friend again!

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Pauline Bailes May 9, 2014 at 6:09 pm

How is she now?. And where did her friend go?
Keep writing.

FarmFinn May 30, 2014 at 4:58 pm

Actually she’s fine…but I think her friend didn’t make it…never to be seen again! So Flynn is a mother of 6 (see blog) but suffers from living with locals…she’ll need alot of de…worming/lousing/ticking and plenty of vitamins and tlc when she returns to Finn and me….I set up camp from tomorrow and hope some level of work will start next week…fngers crossed.px

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